Young Stockton, CA mayor has never held a full time job before

The PBS NewsHour had a glowing story about the mayor of Stockton California, a very young looking black man.  His name is Michael Tubbs and he became Mayor of Stockton, California at the age of 26. And, as far as I can tell, he has never held a full time job before becoming mayor. (I checked his Wikipedia page and many other sources).

Mayor Tubbs was raised by a single mother in violence-torn Stockton while his father is serving a life sentence in prison. Tubbs got a free scholarship to Stanford. How did he make use of this rare educational opportunity? By majoring in Race and Ethnicity. Tubbs, who is black, got a degree in the subject of... being black. Then he got a master's degree in something called "Policy, Leadership, and Organization Studies". I honestly have no idea what that is. Then, even more bizarrely,  he got a "multi-disciplinary degree" from the University of Cambridge in "gender studies". In short, Tubbs went to excellent schools and wasted it all studying race and gender and social science doubletalk.

Then Tubbs got an internship at Google, even though he never studied computer programming. I was unable to find any record of what it was he did there. Then Tubbs got an internship at the White House, even though he never studied government or political science. I was unable to find any mention of what it was that he did there.

Tubbs then returned to Stockton and ran for the city council, and won. I believe this was his first job, albeit a very part-time one.

Then Tubbs, at the age of 26, ran for mayor of Stockton and won. Stockton is a mess -- it was in bankruptcy and has a lot of violent crime. Tubbs' solution is to pay residents $500 a month, and to focus on alternatives to policing such as mentoring youths who have had "contact with the criminal justice system."  The story on PBS portrayed him as a rocket scientist, when clearly he has no experience or idea how to run a city the size of Stockton, or of any size.

As Donald Glover might say, "This is America".

Ed Straker is the senior writer at