You’ll never believe the latest argument against Brexit coming from the EU

It turns out that Brexit is just like global warming: it causes everything bad known to man. At least if you ask the European Union. Patrick Grafton-Green reports in the UK Evening Standard:

Infectious diseases such as super-gonorrhoea could spread more rapidly if the UK leaves the European Union, health chiefs have warned.

Britain is said to be under “significant threat” from such diseases after Brexit if the government doesn’t work out a way of maintaining a close working relationship with European health bodies.

Neisseria gonorrhoea bacteria (because showing the actual effects of gonorrhea is too distateful)

Cough! Has anyone ever heard of the World Health Organization? It’s not as if the EU is the only way that heath officials can share data.

This is pure BS, and a sign of desperation.

Stay tuned for more absurd predictions of doom from Brexit.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman