Will we have an 'Abolish ICE' vote?

Don't get your hopes up, but wouldn't it be nice, as the Beach Boys' song goes?  According to news reports, some GOP representatives want to bring up the slogan "Abolish ICE" to a vote:

House GOP leaders plan to bring a Democratic measure calling for the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the House floor, hoping to force Democrats into a difficult vote.

The Democratic bill, introduced Thursday, would create a commission to examine ICE's responsibilities and then recommend transferring them to other agencies.

Republicans see the growing "abolish ICE" movement as a political winner that will make at least some Democrats running in swing districts uncomfortable.

My guess is that it won't happen, but I like the idea.

The Democrats are playing politics with ICE.  On one hand, they attack ICE to pander to the left, perhaps the most important component of their enthusiasm.  On the other, Democrats running for re-election in red states, or in competitive House districts, would rather not talk about any abolishing of ICE.

Don't expect it to happen.  However, I like it when the GOP throws it back at their faces.

Want to abolish ICE?  Well, go for it!

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