Will Time magazine put this photo of a starving Venezuelan on its cover, too?

Sometimes, photos shock the conscience.

Such as this one, from a little town in northeast Venezuela called Cantaura, posted on Twitter by a young Venezuelan woman, Stephanie Nogales:

Nogales, who posted it, says it is real. Which is why it's so shocking. How could this exist? How could someone be so alone and forsaken and without food? That there is actually someone in our hemisphere who walks the earth in that emaciated condition, brought on by weeks and weeks of no food, a living skeleton, so utterly impoverished of flesh and clothes it's impossible to tell if the person is a man or woman, is truly terrible. It should be on the cover of Time, Newsweek and every major media publication to call attention to a terrible humanitarian crisis less than 1,000 miles from our border.

Nogales, who seems to be a level-headed libertarian, based on her posts, says the photo is real, and at this late stage, the person is now being treated.

Yet how did it get to that? Iit still shocks the conscience, especially when you consider that Cantaura is not the black hole of Calcutta. It's actually a pretty little historic town in northeast Venezuela with Venezuelan-inflected Caribbean architecture and a Spanish colonial town square. Starvation like this isn't normal or common. Yet the person pictured there looks like one of the figures seen in the Holodomor, the man-made famine the Bolsheviks enacted to starve the Ukrainians into submission. Something comparable to Nazis or Bolsheviks seems to have swept through. T

Actually, it did, and like those other evils, it has the same name: socialism. The same socialism promoted by the left, including some of its brightest stars, such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They have yet to address this terrible result.

As for the press, its sin is that it refuses to say the word 'socialism,' blithely reporting the starvation brought on by this man-made disaster as if it were something that just blew in with the wind, never once admitting that this is the work of 'socialism.' Here is an example of it, a good piece from PBS, yet its minions never once bring up the 's' word.

There are so many such pictures, yet it's sad to know that with the 's' word the culprit, it doesn't draw the outcry it deserves. Here is another starvation photo, from a PBS screenshot, taken from the sign of a protestor.

Even the magnificent rare treasures who live in zoos are not exempt from the ravages of socialism. Last year, tweets came out about these animals here.

Here is a full story that ran last year, taken from these screenshots, showing emaciated lions, tigers, mountain lions, starving, dying.

The photo of the crying child juxtaposed next to President Trump as a means of drawing attention to family separations of illegal immigrants caught at the border was sufficiently important to Time magazine to run on its cover.

When will it make a real impact by placing that photo of the starving person of Cantaura on its front page?

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