Why I joined #WalkAway

I recently joined the #WalkAway Facebook group and was moved reading a number of posts from former lifelong Democrats by members of just about every minority group imaginable (LGBT, black, Latino, Jewish, Muslim, etc.).  They are done with the Democratic Party, figuratively walking away from it.  They have finally woken up to the fact that the party has veered too far left and suffers from a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

A number of members of the group do not like how President Trump speaks or acts at times, but they recognize that he is working hard to fulfill his campaign promises (like no president in my lifetime) against an unrelenting opposition, media, and establishment who are determined to bring him down, and that the country is in better shape as a result of his policies and accomplishments.

Many members have lost friends and relatives as a result of joining #WalkAway, something I have experienced since I came out as an outspoken Trump-supporter (and to some degree before that, when I started to gain traction as a conservative blogger and through media appearances). 

As I have written on my blog and in published articles, while I'm a lifelong Republican, I used to be able to vote for Democrats (I voted Gore-Lieberman, for example) and even volunteered for Democrat campaigns (mayor of New Orleans and governor of Louisiana when David Duke was the Republican nominee).  My turning point came in 2006, when the Democrats kicked Joe Lieberman out of the party, partly because he was too supportive of our great military and Israel.  A couple of years later, many delegates at the national convention booed when G-d and Israel were mentioned.  I will never vote for a Democrat in a national race again. 

Watch this movement carefully.  If it continues to gain steam, the Democratic Party could be done for.

Josh Kantrow is a Chicago lawyer and outspoken Trump-supporter and blogger on U.S. political issues and those relating to Israel.  He has appeared on radio, TV, and podcasts.

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