Who's your daddy? For the left, it's Trump

When the ex-CIA director calls President Trump's Helsinki summit treason, or when Trump's plan to rebuild the border wall between Mexico and the United States is denounced as racist, many conservatives believe they are witnessing the opinions of uninformed and misguided adults trying to improve the country with incomplete information.  In trying to seek a solution, conservatives bend over backward to find some common ground through better communication or augmenting already well researched data.

And yet, even with the best of intentions complemented with stacks of empirical data, more and more conservatives are becoming targets of unprovoked verbal assaults by those on the left.  This happens to the president on a daily basis, and it recently happened to talk show host Judge Jeanine Pirro as she made a guest appearance on The View, where the washed up actress Whoopi Goldberg went into hysterics at Pirro's mere mentioning of Trump's accomplishments as president.

For a stunt like the one pulled by Goldberg, any conservative host would have been roasted on the front page of every newspaper until he either resigned or was fired.  Not so with Goldberg, who is seen as a champion by the mainstream media. And so conservatives are once again left with the question: how in the hell does something like this happen on such a consistent basis?  In reality, conservatives must understand that the conflict begins and continues because of their incorrect perceptions regarding who people like Goldberg are and who the left is. 

In the same way that people make the mistake of being a litigant on a show like People's Court, Pirro made the mistake of going on The View believing she would be treated with respect as a person with a different opinion.  The fact is that when dealing with the left, which is a mistake in the first place, one must forget outward appearances or official job titles.  Although leftists may wear suits, talk eloquently, and be in positions of authority, make no mistake: leftists do not possess the ability to separate an emotional desire from a fact-based need.  They are people with a fantasy-driven worldview who behave and reason much like five-year-old children not capable of critical thinking, whose primary defense is emotional outbursts and verbal and sometimes physical assaults.

For the left, President Trump represents the ultimate grown-up.  Although he has issues with communication skills, he is also the president of the country with significant power.  Hence, each day, Trump tells those on the left that they must eat their vegetables and do their homework and that eating ice cream for dinner is not a healthy diet.  And each day, leftists throw tantrums and stomp their feet and call Trump all sorts of names. 

It would be a hilarious sitcom if it didn't have such dire consequences in the real adult world.  There are significant advantages to seeking cooperation with those with opposing views to any challenge.  While it may come across as closed-minded or uncooperative, the only way to successfully work with those on the left is not to work with them at all.  What this country has seen in the years under President Obama points to the sad reality that in the future, any real effort to move the nation forward must be made with the knowledge that opinions and input by leftists must be ignored, much like the cry for ice cream for dinner.

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