White House heeding Chuck Schumer in studying revocation of security clearances for ex-Obama officials

The announcement by press secretary Sarah Sanders that President Trump wants to take away the security clearances of Brennan,  Comey, Clapper, Hayden, Rice, and McCabe provoked the customary hysteria from Trump-hating media.  CNN forecast "dire consequences" and warned that it "could also undermine the entire security system."  MSNBC called it "Nixonian," which means it is very, very bad, in their parlance, and connotes that resignation to avoid impeachment is just around the corner.  The New York Times warned that it signals "a willingness to use the powers of the presidency to retaliate against some of his most outspoken detractors." "Detractor" is a rather mild term to describe someone like Brennan, who accused the president of treason on the basis of no factual information. In fact, by limiting the access of former intelligence officials, President Trump is...(Read Full Post)