UN's 'Green Climate Fund' boondoggle falling apart thanks to President Trump

Yesterday, a board meeting of the U.N. Green Climate Fund collapsed in bitterness, failing to approve any funding, and its executive director abruptly resigned.  Like so many other global warmist gatherings of well paid officials in luxurious and exotic locales, this one was supposed to share the joy of distributing other people's money and being praised for it.  But President Trump turned off the spigot from the United States Treasury, and nobody else was willing to step up and replace the American cash with his own. Megan Darby reports in Climate Change News: Howard Bamsey resigned as executive director of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) with immediate effect on Wednesday, in a bombshell finish to a fraught board meeting. The Australian cited "pressing personal reasons" in his resignation letter, adding that it was best he leave before the next round of fundraising started. It came as the four-day meeting in Songdo, South Korea...(Read Full Post)