Trump's burden: Cleaning up Obama's mess

President Trump is unraveling eight years of Obama tyranny.  Here is a little reminder why so many people now stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump.

President Trump has chosen to unravel the last eight years of Obama's tyranny one day at a time.  Trump is now reversing the negative Obama tide by simply implementing basic commonsense economic policies.  The combination of this commonsense approach with tax cuts and the reversal of countless Obama executive order EPA regulations has resulted in a booming economy.  Do you really think Obama cared about the middle class economically, or did he just take all of us for fools with his love of job-killing EPA regulations?  These regulations did nothing but destroy American jobs and add costs to American-made products and U.S. private businesses.  They had absolutely no real effect on the environment.  Trump's reversal of these Obama regulations has brought back many U.S. jobs, and this has become the main contributing factor in revitalizing numerous U.S. industries. 

Why would a president who cared about peace and security in the Middle East and the world recklessly remove U.S. troops from Iraq?  Was Obama the Manchurian candidate?  The devastating negative repercussions of Obama's removal of U.S. troops from Iraq will surely be felt for many decades.  ISIS in filling up the power vacuum within the Middle East has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.  Trump has since cleaned up the ISIS mess, and it took him less than a year to do it. 

Was Obama's compliance in enabling the terror state of Iran to receive 150 million (correction: billion) dollars to basically self-regulate its nuclear program something that made the world a safer place?  Thank God Trump has removed the U.S. from such a diabolical, one-sided "deal."  The current uprisings in Iran might just take care of this problem.  There will be no reprieve for the Iranian mullahs this time, not from President Trump.

If Obama was really interested in defending the U.S. Constitution, why did he attempt to give amnesty to thousands of DACA kids with just a stroke of his pen?  He repeatedly told the American people he had no legal right to do that, but he did it anyway.  Now it's another Obama mess conveniently left in the lap of President Trump.

What U.S. president encourages a wide open border and all the ills that come with it?  Seems as if most American citizens agree with Trump and want a secure border.  Building a wall should be a priority for those of us who believe in basic security and American sovereignty.

Obama was a president who seemed to have an affinity for using various government agencies as a weapon against many U.S. citizens.  Remember the unlawful seizing of the AP writer's phone records? How about the Tea Party IRS scandal, where the government is now currently paying out millions to many U.S. conservative citizens?  Do we dare even mention the current Obama-gate: the FBI, DOJ, NSA, and CIA, apparently all woven together in coordination for the purpose of being weaponized to spy on the Trump campaign and change the course of a presidential election?

How many messes were left for President Trump to clean up?  The last eight years of systemic corruption, treason, and tyranny should be a constant reminder to all of us who value freedom to keep holding our leaders accountable for their words and actions.  This is a reminder and wake-up call for all of us who still remember what can happen to a country under the spell of willful ignorance.  Huge messes pile up, with the responsible people stuck cleaning it all up.

Trump is the president given the responsibility of cleaning up the eight years of Obama tyranny.  He is doing a pretty good job.

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