Trump and the queen

It remains interesting that much of the ridicule aimed at Trump involves things that liberals do as well.

Case in point from the Huffington Post:

The royal family adheres to a strict code of etiquette and behavior. So when the ever-boisterous President Donald Trump met with Queen Elizabeth II for tea at Windsor Castle on Friday, many expected him to serve up some awkward interactions.

Of course, Trump did not disappoint.

My goodness – Trump was rude to the queen?  Our leaders should respect the customs and protocols of other nations just as we expect them to respect ours.  What on earth did Trump do?

The president's critics on Twitter were quick to call him out for briefly walking in front of the queen, which is reportedly a social faux pas, during a ceremonial inspection of the Guard of Honor.

Reuters noted that Trump "halted abruptly" during the inspection, forcing Queen Elizabeth to walk around him.

As the sportscasters say, let's go to the tape.  Trump and the queen initially walked appropriately, but they weren't walking in a carpeted ballroom.  As they made a turn, for a brief moment, Trump was ahead of Her Majesty.  It is not clear that Trump caused the problem.  The queen is remarkably spry for her age, but she is 92. 

Trump stopped, which allowed the queen to retake the lead.  To say he forced the queen to walk around him is a remarkably biased way of putting it. 

This is not earth-shattering stuff, but the article then produces an endless stream of Twitter comments describing Trump's boorishness. 

We are forced to ask how our previous, oh, so debonair president handled royal etiquette.  In 2011, Barack Obama was seated at the head table of the queen's banquet.  He rose to offer a toast to the queen and asked others to stand with him.  The protocol calls for the playing of their national anthem, which is then followed by the toast.  The band played on cue.  The completely unaware Obama delivered his entire toast speaking over the anthem. 

To compound the error, Obama was unaware he was on a state visit to the United Kingdom and not just England.  This ranks up there with his thinking that people in Austria speak Austrian

My point is not to make fun of Obama.  At one point or another, any of us can commit a faux pas or demonstrate ignorance of a fact even elementary school children should know.  These instances are worth a smile, but that's about it.

Trump is doing an impressive job, which means our liberal friends are left with nothing to ridicule except the little stuff.  We have to keep reminding them that their team messes up the big stuff and the little stuff as well.  Given their inability to see themselves as others do, this is a big job.  We're up to the challenge.

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