The Other Woman: Daniel Silva's latest book is a transparent sop to the left

Daniel Silva's books are amazing...or were.  Since his first novel that introduced his main character, Gabriel Allon of the Israeli secret service, who is also a gifted art-restorer, every book has been not only riveting but educational.  His readers have learned about art, the science of art restoration, and most importantly, about the current tools of the international espionage business, and about Israeli history, often true stories made exciting by his gift for fiction. With his latest book, however, Silva has destroyed his brand, probably once and for all.  This new book is so infused with a newly revealed leftist ideology and anti-Trump sentiment and a reliance on blinkered fake news, it is bound to be a shock to at least half of his loyal readers.  Not only is the novel saturated with the author's personal politics, but the story is formulaic and predictable.  Every reader will know the identity of...(Read Full Post)