The left's 'hippies spitting on troops in airports' act is back: Michelle Wolf demonizes ICE

The always obnoxious leftwing comedian, Michelle Wolf, is back, this time demonizing ICE agents. She's got a new video on Netflix that she's spreading around on Twitter. Her target is the people who stop human trafficking rings bringing in underage girls, and who bust up modern slavery rings. That's ICE doing its job, while Wolf portrays them as baby killers of very base intentions, grotesque people who are revolted at the sight of happy Mexicans at their wonderful big family celebrations, as well as criminally inclined and pig-stupid to boot. And of course, it's part of the foolish Democratic party agenda to "Abolish ICE!"




There's a link with noise here.

What a putrid attack. It's a demonization of human beings over a policy dispute, and it's over the line. Seriously, Wolf portrays ICE as ISIS (ICE Is, get it?) with ISIS-like flags, hateful agents looking macho and saying repulsive things, virgins and heaven as their mission objective (complete with a cheesy Protestant-looking cross), agents gun-firing into the air the way Middle Eastern terrorists like to do, and an actress portraying ICE secretary Kristjen Nielsen as someone looking for people with mental health problems as suitable agent material.

Screengrab, Netflix, via Twitter

This demonization of actual people on the ground is redolent of the kinds of leftist excesses that went on during the 1960s, back when anti-Vietnam war protestors and hippies would spit on U.S. troops returning from battle at airports. Wolf herself has always been rabid and disgusting. She was the one who did the insult-fest against Sarah Sanders at the White House correspondent's dinner back in April. She uses filthy language, too.

That's the league we are in right now - a pukey comedian embracing the left's bottom-of-the-barrel behavioral heritage, and as stories of this got out (as a child, I actually remember reading them in 'Dear Abby') it worked to turn public sentiment against the hippies. The left has actually been on its best behavior in the decades that followed the Vietnam war, claiming in their anti-war marches in every war since, that their real concerns are for the troops. 'Bring the Troops Home' is a typical and often-used slogan they've used ever since.

Well, now they are back to the old stuff, demonizing individuals in a big return to Angela Davis's famos saying: The personal is political. This time, it's not about spitting at Trump. It's about demonizing actual law enforcers for the 'crime' of enforcing the law, and whipping up hatred against them. If they don't want laws, they should say so. But attacking people doing their jobs as monsters is only going to turn the public ever further against them.

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