The 'C'-word

In today's fractured America, the term "conservative" resides atop a smoldering ash heap of most vilified adjectives.

This truism, however, now shifts from mere partisan grumblings toward infinitely drabber shadows. 

With President Trump at the helm, lines that once tempered non-partisan civility are being deleted by those who detest populism. 

Subsequently, commonsense ideological debate is an afterthought; daily, the national political and social divide widens at a rapid pace.  Simply, two inflamed Americas exist, and conservatism is maligned.

The biggest reason why: Progressives have shed all decorum while scourging the very concept of moderation.  It doesn't surprise, then, that reports of harassment and even physical violence from liberals aimed toward conservatives are being celebrated by mainstream media.

This swath of "righteous" liberal indignation has brought such lowlights as the public humiliation of Sarah Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen.  Every day, in cities big and small, conservatives are also persecuted for their beliefs by the "resistance" and NeverTrumps.

Most notably in California and New York, though certainly in other areas, innocent citizens have suffered attack from irate leftists for the egregious sin of displaying pro-Trump hats, stickers, or shirts. 

Yes, the party of inclusion has more than taken up firebrand Maxine Waters's call to exclude Trumpers from haunts such as gas stations, restaurants, and department stores.

Sadly, amid the left's shape-shifting word games, all the above-mentioned criminal behavior is largely tolerated.  For in an insane twist of non-logic, the left has convinced many that conservatism is the great evil of our times. 


Anyone unpolluted by big media can see which side's rhetoric is tearing America apart.

At long last, the specious shibboleth of tolerance has vanished from progressive mantras.  Indignation now replaces that old pretense. 

Simply, intolerance is the new tolerance for seething liberals.  And it is that modern leftist creed that hopes to marginalize conservative staples while changing the lifestyle into something wholly undesirable.

The simple yet profound act of loving one's country and God, family and land, and hoping for a brighter tomorrow with these values extant is under a blue wave assault like never before. 

And it all began with a liberal campaign to redefine the term "conservative." 

Image: UNC - CFC- USFK via Flickr.

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