The border, liberals, and the left

Where once the political spectrum consisted mainly of the differences between liberals and conservatives, there is now a clear distinction between liberals and the left, a rift exposed by the conflict over southern border policy.  Both "Ls" reside squarely in the Democratic Party, with the left quickly taking control and a lead role in party policy and behavior.

Before the surprise presidential election win of Donald Trump, both Democrats and Republicans could get away with pretending to want a secure border while hiding their opposition to border enforcement.  They and the rest of the Washington swamp never intended to stop the flow of illegal immigration into the U.S.

For years, Democrats and Republicans were satisfied to pontificate about immigration reform while at the same time they allowed future illegal Democratic voters and cheap Republican labor to enter America.  The border was unsecured under Bush, and according to the Center of Immigration Studies, 2.5 million joined the illegal population under Obama.

It was no secret that for decades, Congress did not represent the will of the people, and the broken immigration system made that abundantly clear, but with the election of Trump, for the first time in decades, a real effort at border security would be made.  For this and other reasons, the swamp had to ensure Trump's failure.  Hence the Russian collusion investigation, constant calls for impeachment, and the daily hit jobs by the fake news propaganda swamp machine.

With the realization of President Trump's economic successes, his sincere push to build a border wall and enforce immigration laws became much more real, which meant that a genuine effort to stop the invasion from Mexico would be given a good chance to succeed.  The border wall proposal and Trump's zero-tolerance plan exposed the swamp's outrage as Republican House speaker Paul Ryan proposed the recent amnesty bill that was rejected by a vote of 231-193.  It also revealed the radical change within the Democratic Party.  In their efforts to win back voters, the Democratic Party had a kind of internal open borders policy, welcoming far-left radicals to bolster their numbers and expand their reach. 

Unfortunately for the traditional Democratic Party leadership, the left has devoured the party from the inside out in the same way the open borders policy demanded by the left would swallow America.  This exposed the distinction between the motivating factors regarding what leftist Democrats require and what Democrat liberals want.  Democrat liberals' desire for open borders is laced with good intentions, as they believe in a utopian America.

But for the Democrat left, open borders are a means to an end – the end of the United States as a sovereign nation.  The left sees open borders as an opportunity to dissolve private property and overload infrastructure to sink the U.S. economy while rendering the United States Constitution as meaningless.  So while both the left and liberals demand open borders, underneath they have very different desired outcomes.  Either way, the realization of open borders would have the same devastating effects on America no matter who was responsible in its creation. 

Image courtesy of Pixnio.

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