The amazing Marianne, another mind-reading judge

Another federal employee, Special Judge Marianne Battani, has brought her amazing powers of mind-reading to bear upon her ruling in an important federal case.  Judge Battani recently sentenced Dr. Rene Boucher to a mere 30 days for the federal crime of committing a serious, injurious assault upon a sitting U.S. senator.  The judge's wrist-slapping is in defiance of 18 U.S. Code 351, which provides for imprisonment of up to ten years for an assault upon a congressman that results in personal injury.  Barring the defense of psychotic mental illness, which was never raised in this case, the offender's attitudes are completely irrelevant in the application of this law.  The special protections are granted to the highest levels of the executive branch and to congressmen wholly and solely due to the fact of their high office.  The special seriousness of the offense arises from the status of the victim, regardless of the attitudes of...(Read Full Post)