Sunday Schadenfreude: Seems working for socialist Comrade de Blasio isn't much fun for a SJW

In an anonymous piece in the New York Post titled: "Inside my nightmare working in de Blasio's government," a social justice warrior got a whiff of what it's like to work for the tsentral planners of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's socialist government.

Welcome to socialism, comrade.

The female lawyer who wrote this contrasted her good experience working for Mayor Michael Bloomberg's lefty corporatist government, where she said she felt she "made a difference" ordering citizens around, and who knows, stealing the salt shakers off their restaurant tables, with the far more commissar-like experience of working for Bill DeBlasio, a man she voted for, who had more comradely ideas about how things should be done.

When Bill de Blasio became mayor of New York in 2014, things changed drastically. I started to hear rumblings early on. My former colleagues who were dedicated public servants were concerned by a large-scale rollback of Bloomberg’s strategic initiatives. These seemed to be based on partisan politics and black-and-white thinking as opposed to critical analysis. It was very disappointing for me since I had also voted for de Blasio.

Although I was still working in the same social-services agency where I had remained at the end of Bloomberg’s term, my job changed radically. I had no contact with the new commissioner who appeared to be disengaged from substantive discussions about social-services programs for an extremely vulnerable population. In fact, she was much more preoccupied with renovating her office — I heard her new desk alone cost thousands of dollars. She even requested that a private bathroom be built for her. She had the attitude of an oligarch and was disturbed that she had to vet invitations to galas through legal and City Hall. She wanted carte blanche to attend expensive events.

She also refused to meet with the lawyers in her department and she kept the door to her office closed and didn’t know the names of the people who worked in her agency.

Under my commissioner, there were no benchmarks, no goals and she did not hold regular meetings with her general counsel. Under her tenure, the legal unit was gutted. And there were no consequences for failing to meet performance goals because there were no performance goals.

Oligarch? No, comrade, that's what Bill's Soviet mentors called the "nomenklatura." The Soviet nomenklatura got special shops and access to hard currency as rewards for their loyalty. De Blasio's New York comrades have extended that to special desks and bathrooms. To put it in more recognizable terms, go to Animal Farm, and note that all pigs are equal but "some pigs are more equal than others."

Then there's this:

Bloomberg didn’t solve the homeless issue by any means, but his track record was much better than de Blasio’s. By the time Bloomberg left office in December 2013, there were about 51,000 homeless people in New York. Under de Blasio, the homeless population has ballooned to 59,638.

Today, I can’t go into the subway without seeing mentally unstable homeless people. I also feel that the demographic of the New York subway is changing rapidly as more and more of my friends take Ubers because they cannot guarantee they will get to work on time.

Nevertheless, the budget for the Department of Homeless Services under de Blasio is set to double from $1.17 billion spent in 2015 to $2.15 billion for fiscal 2018.

Comrade, comrade, comrade... Don't you know that it's the intentions that count? Forget about the results. What matters is the virtue-signalling, not getting the homeless of the streets. In fact, more homeless, more bureaucrats. This explains the budget balloon, paying for bureaucrat-hiring. For perspective, see Venezuela to see how far this thing can go.

And this:

In more than four years in power, de Blasio has yet to veto a single City Council resolution. As a result, the city’s lawyers are drowning under masses of paperwork, compelled to write rules for legislation that comes with an influx of new City Council laws.

The collective reigns supreme, comrade. All power to the Soviets, as de Blasio would say. Then there's this:

This is what happens when there are no clear or transparent conversations between political leaders. Well-intentioned politicians create work — and don’t actually create proactive change. The underlying concerns that drove the legislation in the first place — massive fraud and lack of oversight — remained unaddressed.

Welcome to Cuba. And every other socialist place, where stealing from The Man is a way of survival. After that, our intrepid social justice warrior says she observed this:

In addition to massive amounts of paperwork, I was restricted in how I could carry out my duties under de Blasio.

Comrade, comrade, do you understand your place? You became a worker-ant when you went to work for Comrade de Blasio. Then there's this:

When two city workers, who were each under a protected class, approached me with workplace discrimination complaints, I escalated their concerns. Both employees alleged discrimination and retaliation by their immediate supervisor.

I thought it was my job to mitigate risk within my city agency, and it was met with contempt.

The commissioner began to retaliate against me, and I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to talk to the employees who were alleging discrimination. As far as I know, their complaints were never investigated by the city.

The sum of socialism in a nutshell. Obviously, these workers had crossed someone who was politically, not ethnically, protected. The political reigns supreme in socialism, not the rule of law. And after that, the bad socialists, the traitors, wreckers, hoarders and counterrevolutionaries are purged. You got purged. You poor naive, naive, thing.

So sorry you had to learn this the hard way, but a little study of socialism and how it works worldwide might have given you a warning. Comrade Bill de Blasio knows all about that, given his proclivities and past. He actually likes it this way. Too bad for you.