Strzok’s claim of no bias so ridiculous that even CNN’s political director calls BS

Only a fool or a Democrat (the two groups considerably overlap in the United States) would believe Peter Strzok’s claim under oath that it was only the appearance of bias, not actual bias, that was the problem with his texts to his inamorata Lisa Page. Yet, the Democrats in the joint committee hearing were eager to hitch their wagon to his fate.  One of them, Rep Steve Cohen of Memphis, offended many people with his claim that Strzok deserved a “Purple Heart,” oblivious to the genuine grievous physical injuries that have been honored with this medal that he trivialized.

I can only assume that Democrats believe that because Strzok was out to harm Trump, they must defend him. But linking their political fate to Strzok’s ridiculous-on-its-face claim was so stupid, that even CNN’s political director apparently felt compelled to speak out. Joe Concha report in The Hill:

CNN political director David Chalian said Thursday that FBI agent Peter Strzok's assertion that anti-Trump texts he sent in 2016 do not indicate bias "is just flat wrong on its face."

Chalian was referring to a text exchange between Strzok and then-FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was reportedly having an affair, in which Strzok called then-candidate Donald Trump's behavior "horrible" and "disgusting." 

"[Y]ou should put nothing in text or e-mail that you are not comfortable seeing on the front page of The New York Times or on CNN’s banner," Chalian said during an interview on the network Thursday. (snip)

"Strzok’s mission today is try to walk this line of ‘I have personal political views, it didn’t impact my work at all,'" Chalian said. "That may be true, but when he says that those texts, quote, 'not indicative of bias' — that’s just flat wrong on its face. It is indicative of bias." (snip)

"I understand his point is, ‘Well, that bias didn’t infiltrate into my work, into my conduct in the professional capacity,’ but you can understand why, when you look at the language of those texts, that it’s very easy to point to a bias that this FBI agent was expressing," Chalian continued.

Democrats seem to have forgotten that an Inspector General’s report is pending on the “Russia collusion” investigation, and that President Trump has the power to declassify all sorts of evidence, including the FISA applications. In my mind, Strzok, who is ubiquitous in scandals of exonerating Hillary and persecuting Trump, will become radioactive before voters go to the polls. I think Chalian is offering a friendly warning to them that there is only so much BS that the public will buy.

Here is video of the CNN segment:

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