Strzok testimony? We need a reasonable facsimile of the Nuremberg Trials

Has there ever been a more explicit and damning demonstration of who and what the Democrats are than the testimony of Peter Strzok to the Oversight and Judiciary Committees on Thursday?  It was like watching the film Judgment at Nuremberg.

The Nuremberg trials exposed for all to see the "banality of evil" (Hannah Arendt).  The orchestrators of the Holocaust saw themselves as good soldiers who obeyed orders without any compunction.  The first trials were held between October 1945 and November 1946 to prosecute the economic, political, and military members of the Third Reich, the people who had conceived and implemented the Holocaust.  The judges and prosecutors were not members of any body of elected officials.  The trials were a series of military tribunals, members of the Allied Forces – American, British, French, and one or two Soviets.  Perhaps that is what we need now: the legal branch of our military to take over. 

It appears that after almost two years, none of the perpetrators of the collusion-with-Russia hoax has been indicted, tried, or convicted.  Our powers that be have thus far been ineffective, unable to bring any of the anti-Trump schemers to justice.  Instead, they, like all those Democrats who glorified Strzok at that hearing, continue to behave as though Trump's collusion with Russia will surely be proven by Mueller and his band of goons.  But the truth has long been available to all interested parties.  The dossier was false, created and paid for by the Clintons and their bevy of co-conspirators like Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie.  People at the pinnacle of the inner circles of the FBI, DOJ, CIA and the Obama administration conspired to ensure Clinton's victory, despite her obvious guilt in many, many crimes, to take Trump down and out of the campaign and, after the election, out of office.  That is pretty much the beginning, middle, and end of this constitutional crisis.  But the left is still clinging to its fervent hope Trump will be found guilty of something and have to resign or be impeached.  That is how deluded these Democrats are – deluded and vile.

Strzok was treated as a hero by the Democrats on the two committees.  One of them said he deserves a Purple Heart!  What an insult to every veteran and all those who actually earned Purple Hearts.  They even applauded once at his faux passion in his own defense, which included his antipathy for Trump.  They were despicable, each and every one of them.  There is not a shred of ethics, class, or grace among those Democrats, who did everything in their power to distract from Strzok's obvious guilt and complicity and the grand plan of high-placed anti-Trumpers.

And Strzok himself?  Have we ever seen a more narcissistic, egomaniacal blowhard expose himself on live television?  The man's face revealed his lack of a soul with each angry contortion.  Like the rest of the left, Strzok believes himself to be far superior to any of the Republicans who questioned him.  He could not conceal his contempt for them or his absolute conviction that he was the smartest person in the room.  Who on Earth aside from this man would attempt to defend his vicious texts and obvious guilt in public?  To this day, Strzok does not think he did anything wrong; he sees himself as a paragon of virtue, a savior.  Let us hope he has no children; this man should never be a parent.

Reporting on the trial of Adolf Eichmann from Jerusalem in 1963, Hannah Arendt wrote: "The lesson that this long course in human wickedness had taught us – the lesson of the fearsome, word-and-thought-defying banality of evil."  Eichmann was a chief architect of the Holocaust who had escaped to Argentina until caught there by Israelis in 1962.  The evil of the Holocaust was the most heinous genocide is modern history, but the banality of the evil Arendt observed and wrote about applies as well to what we saw on Thursday.  That is exactly what all who watched the Strzok testimony saw: the shameful defense of an evil man by one party who sees him as a hero, just as Hitler was a hero to his underlings.  Not one of the Democrats present condemned the man, his texts, his infidelity, his self-adulation, or his lack of remorse for helping to destroy the reputation of the FBI.

This is why the next step should be to take the investigation of Hillary Clinton's many crimes, the investigation of those at the alphabet agencies who participated in this scandal, the special counsel, and the Obama administration for their surveillance and fabrication of crimes, away from Congress and over to another, more reliable, less political system of justice.  That would be, like the Nuremberg Trials, a combination not of international judges and prosecutors, but Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine lawyers and judges.

As the Harvey Keitel character of the film National Treasure says to Nicholas Cage: "Someone's got to go to jail, Ben."  It does not appear that that is ever going to happen if left to the foot-dragging capriciousness of Congress and the DOJ.  Clearly, our FBI, DOJ, and CIA, and the previous administration, are too compromised to be effective at identifying and bringing to justice the culprits in what is surely the most serious political scandal in modern American history.