So the great Singapore summit 'nothingburger'...has led to North Korea quietly dismantling its arsenal

Not too long ago, leftist and #NeverTrump critics were denouncing President Trump's summit with North Korea's President Kim as a big nothingburger. Here were the kind of headlines going around, such as this one from Bloomberg: Trump Gives Away the Store in Singapore CNN weighed in the same way, calling it "analysis": Kim had a great summit. And he didn't even need to give anything away The Economist said: Talks between America and North Korea might succeed – at a terrible price The Washington Post, under its "Fact Checker" header, had this: President Trump's exaggerated claims about the North Korea deal There's just one little problem, though: It's come out now that Trump's reach-out to North working.  The Singapore summit was not just a success, but a huge success. A North Korea-oriented think-tank, called 38 North, cited in this Reuters report, says the North...(Read Full Post)