Savor the schadenfreude as MSNBC panel reacts to Trump's poll bump in the wake of Helsinki

I suppose that when NBC News commissioned its latest poll on President Trump's popularity in the wake of Helsinki, the network's people were not expecting it to rise to the highest level ever of his presidency.  After all, the nearly unanimous media and "expert" reaction, including among many Republicans, was that something unspeakable happened in the press conference following the meeting with Putin.  That was gospel.

But the American people failed to react as their media masters would have them do.  MSNBC host Kasie Hunt complained, "We are living in a different space-time continuum, where even gravity works differently."

Well, it is certainly true that gravitas no longer works as well as it used to as a means of diminishing the president.  Donald Trump violates the media-enforced norms of presidential behavior for sport.  He has discovered that most Americans no longer trust the elites who have run government, media, education, and the cultural commanding heights.  

I suppose that if Shakespeare were as familiar as Star Trek to her, she might have echoed Hamlet:

The time is out of joint – O cursèd spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!

But of course, she would lose her MSNBC viewers that way, even though it is clear that most of the media, especially NBC's outlets, regard themselves as "born to set it [Trump's presidency] right."

Watch and enjoy Kasie and the panelists attempting to explain what should never have happened, according to establishment orthodoxy.

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