On trade and tariffs, Donald Trump is right, and Mark Levin is wrong

Even brilliant people are occasionally wrong, which explains why conservative thinker Mark Levin is confused about the effect of tariffs.  Levin has spent many shows, such as the one on Friday, excoriating the Trump administration's policies of imposing tariffs on imported goods. Most of what Levin says is technically accurate, yet, at the same time, he is totally wrong about Trump's trade policies.  How can both be true? Let's look at what Mark has said: 1. That tariffs hurt American customers.  True.  As Levin correctly points out, tariffs are a tax on the American consumer.  If we impose a tariff on Canadian imported steel, that tariff is paid by Americans who buy products made of steel, not Canadians. 2. That tariffs hurt American businesses.  True.  The steel tariffs, for example, affect every business that uses steel.  That means they raise the price of doing business for...(Read Full Post)