Occupy ICE PDX creates biohazards for clean-up crews, and boy, do they smell

If you've ever been near an Occupy encampment, there's one thing you know for sure: you can smell it before you can see it.

And oh, man, does it stink.

The smell of human excrement is the trademark of Occupy protests since the beginning.  I remember visiting one in Los Angeles several years ago, and amid reports of drug use, bad trips, insanity-based freak-outs, bike-stealing, rapes, and rubble, there was also the bad poop smell.  You don't want to be downwind of that one.  Somehow, it's reflective of the message.

So now they're at it again, operating in usual form in Portland, with Occupy ICE PDX protests now under clean-up, which includes That Smell.  Infowars has a report about the problem, with lots of pictures:

Left-wing Occupy ICE PDX protesters left massive amounts of garbage and "human waste piling up" for the city to clean at taxpayers' expense outside Southwest Portland's US Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters.

From KPTV:

Cleanup has begun at what, for five weeks, was the Occupy ICE PDX camp. Portland Police Bureau officers limited access to the site earlier [Wednesday], calling it a biohazard.

The mayor's office confirmed to FOX 12, the city will pay for a portion of the cleanup bill, as will TriMet.  Both are part of the consortium that owns the land on which protesters set up their camp.

Good thing they don't do Smell-o-vision.

Compare and contrast with the Tea Parties of old, which famously left any place they rallied at cleaner than they found it.

One of the reporters cited in the Infowars report, Marja Martinez, reports that city officials cleaning up the Occupy biohazard are required to "store" it for 30 days so that Occupods can come claim it.

Had enough?  Given the risks to city workers, this amounts to biological warfare.

Any politician supporting these biohazard-producers of Occupy needs to be held accountable.  Midterms are coming.

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