Ocasio-Cortez not exactly a woman of the people when it comes to cosmetics

Alexandria Cortez-Ocasio, the Democratic-Socialist, whose totally unexpected primary victory over a high-ranking Democratic Party official in the Bronx, New York, and whose probable win in the forthcoming general election from her heavily Democratic district will make her the youngest female elected to Congress, doesn't think much of business.  Being a true socialist, talking class warfare, her campaign platform stressed free stuff for everyone, all very appealing to her working-class constituents.

But what also seemed to appeal to her constituents was her bright red lipstick, which remained on during her campaign debates.  (Don't, laugh gentlemen: for many women, long-lasting, attractive lipstick is important.)



Hmm, nice lip color.  And, well, at $28 at elegant Nordstrom, $22 at fancy Sephora, rather expensive.  Similar lipsticks retail for less than half of that at Walmart and Target, corporations that price goods that her constituents can more easily afford.  But no matter – corporate greed (or something) is irrelevant to finding the right lipstick.  Therefore, after Ocasio-Cortez's endorsement, women quickly rushed out to buy it – price be damned – selling it out.

So, how did Ocasio-Cortez choose it?  Discover it?  Therein lies an interesting tale.  While she stresses her Bronx-Puerto Rican working-class background, her Puerto Rican architect father and now school secretary mother moved the family to Yorktown Heights, N.Y., average income just under $100,000, which is middle-class in N.Y., where she attended elementary and high school, doing well academically

At Yorktown High, Ocasio-Cortez excelled as a science student and won second place in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2007.

The House of Representatives nominee happens to have a space rock named after her: asteroid 23238 Ocasio-Cortez.  MIT Lincoln Laboratory named the asteroid after Ocasio-Cortez's performance in a global science fair, according to Business Insider.  The asteroid is about 1.44 miles wide and 240 million miles from Earth, and it takes nearly four years to orbit the Sun.

She presented her project on the anti-aging effect of antioxidants in roundworms to the Yorktown board of education, her science teacher Michael Blueglass told The New York Times in this article.

Based on her science prowess, she won a scholarship to Boston University, majoring in economics and international relations.  

Somewhere along the way, Ocasio-Cortez, an attractive woman, discovered fine cosmetics.  

Incidentally, all of her accomplishments and awards were based on her hard work and talents – no extra "affirmative action" points for "oppressed minorities" needed.  Or necessary.

She then worked for Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and the Senator Bernie Sanders (ostensibly Independent-Vt.) presidential campaign.  However, despite her practical education, her many achievements, and her experience for the past few months, she had been working as a waitress and bartender in a New York taco bar and living with her boyfriend in the Bronx. 

But still able to afford the best all-day lasting lip color.  And fund and run – and win – a political campaign.  A campaign based on class resentment and envy, the opposite of her real life.