Nothing more ridiculous than AMLO's promise to fight Mexico's 'corruption'

Andrés Manuel López-Obrador won his presidential election in Mexico on a promise to fight "corruption." Just like all the others.  This gives credence to the political analysis that claims that Mexicans voted for this guy on a roll of the dice after many years of "We've tried A," "We've tried B..." Now they're trying him. The problem comes when you take a gander at how he says he's going to fight corruption, known in some Mexican contexts as "la mordida" or bite.  Get a load of how naïve this man is, as described in today's New York Times: The chronic ills that Mr. López Obrador railed against, propelling him to victory, now become his problems to solve. Among them is corruption.  On the campaign trail, he was short on details about how he intended to confront the problem, but said he would lead by example: His professed honesty and ethical...(Read Full Post)