Mueller gives Tony Podesta immunity to stick it to Paul Manafort

Tony Podesta, the Democratic über-operative and brother of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, has been offered immunity from Special Counsel Robert Mueller in exchange for his testimony against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.  The two men were doing the exact same "crime," which was acting as unregistered lobbyists on behalf of the Ukrainian government, but Podesta skates, while Manafort goes to prison for the rest of his life. As Fox News's Tucker Carlson, who broke the story, pointed out, the only difference between them is that Manafort worked for Donald Trump. Talk about unequal justice.  How delicious it must be for Podesta indeed to be able to testify against his brother's Republican rival, the one who beat him.  How great to settle scores.  Mueller probably wouldn't even need to offer the carrot of immunity on that one, given the pleasure factor it would give Podesta and his...(Read Full Post)