MAGA vs. FTP: Let me help the Democrats say what they mean

The Democrats deride President Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan (the one that won him the presidency) a lot by implying that it is somehow racist.  So they have come up with a brilliant new slogan for themselves instead. "For the People." This means they will come out with new hats with FTP to compete with the MAGA hats.  I think that will go over well, but I am so disgusted with them that my first thought upon seeing this FTP is that the hat actually means: "F--- the People."  Sorry.  It's because they like cuss words, and their record shows that their only use for people is to take more money away from them for the government and to punish them with more regulations.  Their real slogan should be "For the Government."  Better still, "For the Swamp." I believe there was a people's party in the past, and I found that it was merged into...(Read Full Post)