Lib media try to make Liz Warren the fresh young face for 2020

Is Elizabeth Warren having an extramarital affair with New York Magazine?  I ask only because NYM just published a 7,200-word opus that reads like a deranged love letter to the American Native senator from Massachusetts, seeking to turn an old, wrinkled leftist with even older, more wrinkled leftist ideas into the fresh young face for America in 2020. So you don't have to read the article for yourself, I have summarized the lowlights: 1. The article opens with a giant photo of Elizabeth Warren's geriatric fist raised proudly into the air.  Every tendon and ligament is tautly on display. 2. As if realizing that age (currently 69) could be a vulnerability to Warren, the article shows her running, partially in midair, as if this were a photo shoot for the pilot of The Bionic Woman: 40 Years Later. There she was, jogging 75 yards down a hill in open-toed mules, her aqua cardigan flying behind her.  Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren...(Read Full Post)