John Kasich asking God's permission to challenge Trump in 2020

If you were thinking of challenging President Trump in the Republican primary in 2020, wouldn't you want to check with God first to see what he thought about it? That's John Kasich's position. When asked if he were going to challenge the President in 2020, Kasich said,

"My future is in some degree in the hands of the Lord. And I don't know where he's going to direct me."

John Kasich in 2015 (photo credit: Michael Vadon, via Wikimedia Commons)

Kasich is thinking that maybe God wants him to run against President Trump maybe because God, (or could it be Kasich?), doesn't like Trump's policies.

1) Kasich doesn't like the fact that Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord, the agreement to hobble our economy to fight imaginary global warming.

2) Kasich disapproves of Trump's tariffs which are designed to persuade other countries to open their markets to American goods.

3) Kasich opposes the withdrawal from the Iran agreement, which gave Iran the right to "self-inspect" certain locations, to produce ballistic missiles, and in a few years to legally enrich all the uranium it likes.

4) Kasich wants to offer asylum to Central Americans who are victims of, or claim they are victims of common crime. That effectively means he wants to let the entire population of Central America emigrate here. "Give us your tired and your poor is what that Statue of Liberty is about" said Kasich, showing he has no idea what the Statue of Liberty is about.

From the way he talks, you have to wonder if Kasich isn't Obama in whiteface, because he talks like a Democrat. (I hope it's ok to say "whiteface"; I know "blackface" is racist, but I haven't yet gotten a bulletin from the Powers That Be about "whiteface", so I hope I am still current on what is racist and what is not!)

Kasich thinks that Trump is being "disharmonious" with our allies and that their resentment of us is growing. He says that NATO members have committed to increased defense spending four years ago. It hasn't really happened yet, but maybe we need to wait longer.

"Getting a little more spending out of them is a good thing, but what price have you paid in disunity in the long run?" Kasich said. Perhaps Kasich thinks things were better under Obama when our allies did less for us but we were all united.

But when asked if he will challenge the President in the 2020 primary, Kasich says he is waiting for God to tell him what to do.

Exit question: What do you think God will tell John Kasich, and how will he let his feelings be known to him?

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