Help! How to update the Statue of Liberty for the era of illegal immigration?

A confused woman scaled the Statue of Liberty to protest the detention of illegal aliens.  Well, she almost scaled it.  She climbed to the base of the statue and then got tired and decided to take a small siesta there – not great optics for advocates who claim that illegal aliens are workers who come here to tirelessly pick our grapes and lettuce! The woman, an "immigrant" (legal? illegal alien? that distinction is no longer made) named Therese Patricia Okoumou from the unaptly named Democratic Republic of Congo, seems to make a successful living suing people for being racists, something that's harder to do in Africa.  Unfortunately, Ms. Okoumou seems unaware of the political irony of her historically histrionic almost climb. For the Statue of Liberty celebrates legal immigration, people who come to our shores in an orderly manner, get interviewed, examined, screened, and then let America decide who is best to let...(Read Full Post)