Gallup survey: 36 issues mentioned, not one of them is climate change

According to a survey published by Gallup, there are 36 economic and non-economic issues on the minds of Americans. 

No one mentioned climate change.

As you might expect, economic issues were in the forefront of the voters' minds. But there are some interesting results nonetheless:

The "gap between rich and poor" doesn't seem to bother many people. Maybe the Democrats should rethink their mid term strategy. 

As for non-economic issues, note the concern about immigration:

Democrats might also note that few care about our "situation with Russia." Another issue they should dial back the intensity on?

Overall, what this survey shows is that the American voter doesn't care about issues that the left believes are matters of life and death. Could it be the voters know something that liberals don't?

Or do they just have more common sense?

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