Facebook bans patriotic speech in honor of Independence Day

The U.K. Guardian declared prolific writer, singer, and songwriter Lloyd Marcus the Tea Party Movement's most prominent "African-American."  Lloyd rejects hyphenating and is renowned for proclaiming, "I am not African-American!  I am Lloyd Marcus, American!"

Lloyd's love of America, that "unique experiment ... blessed by God," is expressed with deep compassion and stirring emotion in the music and verse to his song "We Are Americans."

I was indeed honored when Lloyd asked that I produce a music video to accompany his heartfelt and patriotic song.  Given the emotional force of the words and the music, the work of melding visual images in support of his most excellent and wonderful composition was not a chore, but rather an extreme joy and a pleasure.

Coming out of that pleasurable experience, I was shocked and saddened when, on July 3, Lloyd emailed me in part as follows:

Robert, [my wife] tried to purchase a boost ad on Facebook to promote the July 4th release of the video.  Facebook rejected the video for "political content."

Banning boost advertising for Lloyd Marcus's patriotic song is of a league with Facebook's prior ban of Diamond and Silk because the commissars at Facebook deemed the conservative, Trump-supporting black duo "unsafe for the community."

Based on what I know about prior Facebook bans of conservatives, likely there are three primary issues Facebook found objectionable about Lloyd's music video.

First, Lloyd's video features a photograph of Donald J. Trump, the current president of the United States, along with other great Americans.  As we know, sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome (i.e., those in charge at Facebook) can't have that.  See Exhibit 1 below – a screen shot from the video that features portraits of a number of Americans, including a shot of you know who.

Exhibit 1: Screen shot from Lloyd Marcus music video for "We Are Americans."

Second, and just as awful from a leftist perspective, the author of the song, Lloyd Marcus, is not only a proud patriotic American, but, how ghastly, just like Diamond and Silk, a black conservative.  To make matters worse from the left's point of view, Lloyd was one of the first black members of the Tea Party movement.  We can't have our fellow Americans subjected to that kind of hate speech and mental abuse on the Fourth of July, can we?

Exhibit 2: Screen shot of the "unhyphenated" Lloyd Marcus from "We Are Americans."

Another factor that I am sure was not well received by the thought police at Facebook is the fact that Lloyd's music video has imagery that promotes racial harmony, presenting a narrative, opposite leftist propaganda and identity politics, that, far from being a racist nation, American is a land of freedom and opportunity.

Exhibit 3: Screen shot, "We Are Americans."  That kind of imagery will never do.  The white police officer in Lloyd's video is loving (not beating or killing) the black kid.

What our founding fathers intended, regarding freedom of speech, is something apparently lost on the leftist totalitarian fools who pad the halls in their pajama slippers in the Facebook mega-data center and political correctness review complex.  Precisely what our Founders (yes, those white racist slave-owners like Washington and Jefferson featured in the beginning of Lloyd's video) intended for the First Amendment was freedom of political speech.  They sought a society free of the jackboot of monarchy that quelled and suppressed contrary political views.  Yes, we need to continue the serious discussion regarding the abrogation of freedom of speech by an entity, though not formally an arm of government, that has the resources, the power, and the character of oppressive government.

I invite you to view the four-minute music video of "We Are Americans" and reflect on the one country that has been a blessing not only to our people, but to people everywhere.  May we indeed "repent," turn back to God, and "heal our land" so that this "unique experiment" known as America will continue to prosper and shed light and liberty throughout the Earth, now and in the future.

And may we all have the courage to use common sense and justice in permitting the free and open dialogue of ideas in our country.  We must not allow such freedoms, that are the bedrock of our constitutional republic, to be abrogated or abandoned by a powerful few, whether they reside in government or in the slippered halls of a private and all-powerful monopoly.

Robert Kirk, a retired prosecutor, suffers from a rare malady that afflicts only a tiny percentage of his fellow Californians: commonsense conservative thought.  To contact him or to follow his current politically incorrect project, go to www.alienanthro.com.

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