Devin Nunes: Americans will be 'shocked' when redacted portions of FISA warrants are declassified

In a revealing interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News, Representative Devin Nunes criticized the "stall game" being played by the FBI and Department of Justice and said that the sooner the better for the redacted portions of the FSA warrants to be declassified by President Trump – as he has the power to do.  Americans will be "shocked" when they see the redacted portions.  It has been clear from other redactions that have been revealed that embarrassment to the FBI and DOJ is the reason for many redactions, not national security.

The six-minute interview can be seen in this tweet from Fox News (hat tip: Chuck Ross, Daily Caller):

President Trump controls the timing of release of this information that Nunes avers is damning to the cause of spying on the president's campaign.  President Trump, never forget, is the most successful reality TV producer in the history of the medium.  He understands dramatic timing, and he well grasps the importance of the midterm election that is now 99 days away.

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