Defeating leftism is the only victory

While regaining control of our borders, reinvigorating the economy, and strongly challenging foreign nations that threaten us are all important objectives today, the only real victory for our nation is to defeat leftism itself.  This means grasping that leftism, like Nazism and communism, is totalitarianism immune to argument, truth, empiricism, and logic.

Indeed, leftism is just as profoundly unserious and simultaneously as grimly dangerous as any other hateful misology of modern life.  This accounts for the stunning inconsistency and infantile sloganeering which even the most cursory glance at leftism reveals.   Leftists do not want to solve the problems which provide their claim to power.

So leftists encourage Hispanics not to learn English, because that would liberate Hispanics.  Leftists encourage blacks to speak pidgin English, because that makes blacks seem ignorant and childish.  Leftists manipulate language to invert meaning and prevent both clear thinking and communication. 

Leftists want public schools to fail even as they snarl and hiss at any proposal to make homeschooling easier or to provide the same federal aid to private schools that public schools receive.  Leftists also want academia to continue its descent into ideological intolerance, surreal idiocy, and pathetic narcissism.

Leftist economic ideas are little more than the shopworn failures of old, gray socialism, which have never produced any result except more poverty and hopelessness.  But here, as in every area in which leftism's cold, clammy hands take hold, what leftists seek is simply their continued power, wealth, and moral posturing.

What this means for conservatives is that the only true way to defeat leftism is to defeat leftism, which is to say that nothing we can do will survive unless we single out leftism as the root cause of modern misery and take action to end the power of leftism and force leftists – doubtless dragged kicking and screaming – into the real world of work, responsibility, and prudence.

How?  Systematically attack the props that hold up leftist power. 

State legislatures could enact legislative changes that give parents and students non-institutional educational alternatives both at the public school level and the university level.  Allow students to test out of virtually any subject except for the few that can be taught only by laboratory study.  This would dramatically reduce the cost of education and also throw the vile cadres of leftism who infest education out to find real work. 

The president could create a dozen "White House" locations throughout America and could consciously spend an equal amount of time at each.  He could direct Cabinet secretaries to do the same sort of periodic change of address so that the geography of power, so crucial to the "Capitolism" of the left, would be largely gutted. 

The houses of Congress also could meet at different places around the nation, bringing a radically different (i.e., real world) perspective to issues.  Not only would these changes shrink the power of Washington, but they would take money out of that fat, bloated sow of a city and spread the money it laps up in property values, hyper-expensive restaurants, lobbyists, and so forth to conservative regions of America.

The judicial appointments of President Trump and his future Republican successors also should reject the idea of the Supreme Court exercising constitutional restraint.  Instead, these appointees ought to pursue an activist conservative agenda.  The purposes would be twofold: first, to quickly undue the past damage of leftist judicial incrementalism, and second, to create in the left a reflexive fear of judicial activism.

Conservatives also ought to take the leftist hysteria about conservative control of the levers of federal power, which has prompted plans to reassert states' rights, and publicly ask leftists to join with them in constitutional amendments that would provide practical ways for states to protect their sovereign rights. 

These and other pointed weapons against the supporting structures of leftism can lead to the defeat of leftism as a power.

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