Chicago Dem mayoral candidate hands out cash to voters at 'charity event'

I've got to say this is pretty shameless, even for Chicago politics. Democratic mayoral candidate Willie Wilson, a millionaire businessman and philanthropist, handed out a couple of hundred thousand dollars to about 2,000 of his fellow churchgoers on Sunday, giving a whole new meaning to the term "pay for play." Billed as a "non-political" event, the gathering at the Covenant Missionary Baptist church on Chicago's South Side nevertheless also featured Governor Bruce Rauner as a speaker.  But it wasn't about politics.  The Hill: A Wilson aide said the candidate gave out $300,000 to 2,000 people through his nonprofit charitable foundation. F. Scott Winslow, a spokesman for Wilson's mayoral campaign, told WGN News that there was no violation of campaign finance laws since the event was not connected to the campaign.  He added that Wilson has donated about $500,000 since his campaign launch. "While he...(Read Full Post)