Bernie Sanders, take note: Venezuela's non-oil exports per capita skid below Haiti's

Anyone need another round of proof that socialism fails?  Yo, Bernie?  Alexandria?

Take a look at this AVEX/Wikipedia chart showing where socialist Venezuela ranks on the exports per capita front:

What this really says is "take out oil [oh, and by the way, that's at record lows in production and exports in its own right], and you have just about nothing," an economy weaker and lower than Haiti's.  Strong economies are built on exports.  And if your socialist central planners dictate the building of an economy on the high price of oil at the expense of everything else, not only will you not have an economy worth looking at except as you would a roadside crash, but you won't even have the oil, either.  Here's Burelli's oil production chart showing that industry's collapse in production:

Folks, this is central planning, and the very socialism that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with her mentor, Bernie Sanders, is promoting as a panacea to the rest of us.  The socialism that is supposed to improve things, at the supposedly tiny cost to our freedoms.  What we see here in Venezuela is something very different – not just the loss of political freedom, but the failure of the economy, too.  The bad economic indicators that plague the country across the board are a result of price controls, currency controls, export controls, and central planning.  What we see now in this socialist paradise, so vaunted by Sanders, and Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, and Naomi Campbell is a country scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Incredible that the idea behind it still has its champions in Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders himself, who's old enough to know better.





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