Benghazi survivor lays into Hillary Clinton for attacking Trump for not protecting a diplomat

Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump for  not “defending a diplomat” who “has spent his career standing up for America” on Thursday. Clinton was referring to Russia's efforts to question former Ambassador Michael McFaul, that the Trump administration has since rebuffed.

The irony of the former secretary of state criticizing anyone for not  "protecting" diplomats is supreme, given her record in pulling security from the consulate in Benghazi prior to the facility being attacked by terrorists.

But Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto, a former army ranger, thinks that criticism by Clinton is "disgusting."

Daily Caller:

Paronto called Hillary “disgusting” for the comments. “Are you f*****g kidding m,e Hillary Clinton?!!!” Paronto tweeted, “You left Ambassador Stevens and us to die in Benghazi then spewed lie after lie to the family members of my dead teammates and to the world to cover it up and now you have the nerve to talk about defending diplomats?! You are disgusting!”

The Obama administration peddled multiple lies about the motive of the attackers and the administration’s slow response in the aftermath of the attack.

Pat Smith, the mother of U.S. Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, blamed Hillary for the death of her son saying during the 2016 election, “I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.”

Many in conservative media also leveled criticism of the comment, including Mark Hemingway who posted this pithy tweet: