Bad day for President Trump but worse day for his critics

Let's be honest: it was not a good press conference for President Trump.  As my friend Barry Casselman said, it "was simply and inexcusably a blunder." I was not expecting President Trump to yell at Putin on the world stage.  However, he could have expressed himself differently. It was not the end of the world as we know it.  The sky and the stars are not falling.  Finally, let's give this meeting a few months and see what comes out of it.  At the same time, his critics always end up throwing President Trump a lifesaver, as Liz Peek wrote:   Trump's critics responded with customary vitriol and excess, attacking the president in such extreme terms that his supporters only dig in even deeper.  Democrats and never-Trumpers cannot help themselves; over the past two years, the public has grown weary of the non-stop, five-alarm fires, and they have tuned out.  Trump's...(Read Full Post)