Aussie media report that US has advised their government of a military strike on Iran next month

Is this a warning shot to the mullahs of Tehran?  Or is the U.S. quietly lining up its allies in preparation for military strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities – and therefore a potentially total war with the Islamic Republic? (the Australian branch of the Murdoch empire) reports: The United States is reportedly prepared to bomb Iran's nuclear capability as early as next month – and Australia will have a role to play. According to senior figures in the Turnbull Government, the US is almost ready to pull the trigger on sites related to Iran's nuclear program, in a move that would no doubt impact the wider region. The unnamed sources told the ABC that Australian defence facilities would likely help identify targets in Iran, as would British intelligence agencies. Pine Gap, the top-secret spy base in the Northern Territory, is considered crucial for its role in directing American spy...(Read Full Post)