As Pelosi increasingly incoherent in public, Dems face a battle over leadership succession

Long-simmering ethnic tensions in a party increasingly defined by identity politics could erupt if Nancy Pelosi’s mental decline forces her to bow out of her leadership of the Democrats’ House  Caucus. With African-Americans the largest loyal base constituency, the fact that there has never been a black minority leader, much less speaker, the choice of her successor could split the party. Potentially at stake is the Speakership that could result if the longed-for Blue Wave produces a Democrat House majority. Kyle Olsen of The American Mirror red flags Pelosi’s latest lapse into incoherence at a podium. Speaking to reporters Thursday, Pelosi suffered brain freezes, speech problems and confused Russia and China at least twice. While attacking Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Pelosi had trouble saying “effectively.” “His kowtowing to the president, esffect, esffectively saying…” she said. Moments later,...(Read Full Post)