Anything for that Iran deal: How Obama threw national security (and troops' lives) out the window

In a major story that came and went, President Obama shut down a major drug operation run by Hezb'allah because he didn't want to upset Iran's mullahs and endanger his Iran deal.  Seems the Iran deal was considerably more important to his "legacy" than any concern about drug-dealing, the opioid epidemic, or just the idea of putting terrorists who finance themselves through the global drug trade out of business. Politico did the story about how Obama shut down Project Cassandra, so it should have gotten attention, yet it didn't.  The whole thing recalls something security expert Rachel Ehrenfeld memorably told me in the wake of 9-11 many years ago: "All terrorism is narco-terrorism."  For Obama, all national security was about protecting his "legacy." Turns out that wasn't the only drug operation Obama shut down. Politico's investigative reporter, Josh Meyer, has uncovered...(Read Full Post)