Anti-Trump uprising in the UK

Many leftists took to the London streets Friday in response to Donald Trump's most recent visit to the UK. The UK virtue signalers were out in full force protesting the Donald Trump presidency. Many of these leftist UK citizens were out parroting their usual hate filled rants in strict accordance with their liberal propagandist cue cards. Mere actors in a tragic play shouting their all too familiar rehearsed lines: Trump is a racist, Trump is misogynist, Trump is xenophobic, Trump is the devil, Trump must go, Trump is promoting global warming.

Screen grab via YouTube

This has become quite the expected behavior from a citizenry within a country that has turned itself into a leftist fascist police state. The United Kingdom of today unfortunately no longer resembles the bastion of democracy it once was. Any sane person with any small amount of knowledge of history would find it very hard to believe this British nation of today was once the cradle of western civilization. We sadly must all come to the sobering realization that the modern day UK resembles nothing close to the past fierce warrior nation and defender of freedom it once was. It has turned into a leftist hell hole of the worst kind, a place where citizens have lost their minds, in addition to losing their ability to use common sense or logic.

The UK was once considered an empire which had a huge influence throughout the whole world, but now it just seems to be quickly fading away into a state of oblivion. Winston Churchill would probably be rolling over in his grave today. If Churchill had a chance to walk the streets of Britain today, he would undoubtedly be ashamed of what his once proud nation has devolved into: a leftist police state, a destroyer of common sense and a place where freedom of speech has become quelled. A country where political correctness has now become its citizens' new religion.

The UK is currently a nation on the brink of losing its once proud national identity. It is becoming filled with a land of people who are now becoming devoid of soul. A nation being overrun by Muslim migrants. Its own citizens are proudly facilitating their country's very own demise.

Where were these leftist virtue signaling protesters when innocent children like Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans  were basically being sentenced to their deaths by British bureaucrats?

Today selective outrage and selective morality are forming the gathering clouds of darkness which are now ominously hovering over the United Kingdom. A country which now goes out of its way to stifle any kind of freedom of speech which happens to be in conflict with the leftist fascist totalitarian police state. Conservative activist/journalist Tommy Robinson is one of the latest victims of Britain's police state. Robinson, a man who dared to report on a trial regarding Muslim gang rape and who has apparently since been jailed for it.

Both the culture of death and leftist fascism are currently sweeping Europe. Young innocent children like Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans have become the lethal victims of a British state bureaucracy gone mad. Out of control leftist ideologues are now silencing free speech and jailing people like Tommy Robinson without just cause. Many people are marching in the streets of the UK, but apparently for all the wrong reasons.

Tommy Robinson: we can never forget him; they came for him and they may eventually come for you and me. We must remember the unjust and senseless deaths of little Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, we must never forget how tragically their lives ended at the hands of these leftist police state thugs. Bureaucratic fascists who thought they knew better than the parents of these children. Leftist fascists who unapologetically exhibit unwavering hubris and arrogance. Corrupt career globalist politicians who have the audacity to think they know better than the rest of us.

We must fight against this scourge of leftist fascism which is currently infiltrating Europe like a plague of angry locusts. All of us who value freedom need to push back against this madness with genuine courage and ferocity. We need to put an end to this upside down dystopia the left is currently ushering in.

The sun is now setting on Great Britain, common sense and logic are now becoming obsolete. It appears virtue signaling and hate are the only two things the political left and protesters against Trump have remaining in their arsenal. The writing is on the wall in the UK, for all rational people to see. If we don't take a stand against this leftist fascism which is currently sweeping the globe, it just might end up on the doorsteps of America very soon.

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