'Anti-bias' training not enough for Starbucks โ€“ advisers say 'civil rights audit' is next

Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO whose vision still animates the company, is a classic clueless liberal – a man whose naïve desire to be virtuous in the eyes of others leads him into disaster.  Who can forget his invitation to baristas to start discussing race, quickly and embarrassingly terminated? There were no lessons learned in that debacle.  When two men who lingered in a shop without buying anything were arrested in Philadelphia, the dreaded specter of racism apparently engendered panic, leading to the now notorious racial indoctrination sensitivity training that closed every domestic store in the chain one afternoon.  If anyone, including Schultz, expected that to work, such people have no experience with the grievance industry.  Pandora's box has been torn open.   D.C. McAllister writes at the Daily Wire: Starbucks advisers say the company's anti-racial bias...(Read Full Post)