Abortion-supporters are advocating that women go on a sex strike to save Roe v. Wade

All I could think of was that I grew up before Roe v. Wade, and most girls were already on a sex strike when I went out with them.  So I thought, "What's new?"  Most somehow believed that abstinence was good and getting pregnant was bad if you weren't married.  What a novel thought. 

The Daily Wire:

Spooked by the Supreme Court vacancy of Justice Anthony Kennedy, Harper's Bazaar political editor-at-large Jennifer Wright called for a sex strike from fellow pro-abortion gals to save landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade.  Wright instructed her pro-abortion allies to withhold sex and dating "with anyone who doesn't support a woman's right to choose.

Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein never cared if women were on a sex strike.  They believed they were entitled to do with women whatever they wanted.  And they were supported for decades by women, because as long as they were pro-abortion, whatever else they did was fine.  According to the advocates of this sex strike, it looks as though it would still be OK for these women to have sex with Bill and Harvey because they gladly say they are pro-abortion, but everyone else who is pro-life should be cut off.

We have also been told continuously by these pro-abortion women that women should be able to do whatever they want because it is a woman's body.  Yet now these sex strike advocates are dictating to other women that they should withhold sex from anyone who is pro-life, no matter if they want to have sex or not, so they are seeking to limit their freedom of choice.  I wish they would make up their minds.  Do women have freedom of choice or not?  Are women and men who are pro-life not important?  Do they have the same rights as others?

I am so naïve that I thought that in the United States, we had a Constitution and thousands of laws that were important, but from the reporting and discussions since Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, I understand that only one law – the ability to kill a baby throughout a pregnancy – is important.

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