You know things are bad for the lefties when they start calling each other racists

Twenty-eight-year-old Sandernista socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who riled up the Democrats by ousting Rep. Joe Crowley the other day, seems to be a symptom of some sort of problem on the left.  Or, as Roger Simon explained, the left is dead.

It follows another bad week for the left over the immigration issue and the left's unhinged response to that, ahead of this week's menu of screamings sure to come of the Supreme Court decisions and vacancy news this week.

You know that the left is in trouble from the barrage of rabid left-wing statements coming from the party's most extreme elements, such as Rep. Maxine Waters, who openly urged yelling at and harassment of anyone working for the Trump administration.  Screaming lunacy, and Mad Max is far from the only one doing it, is indeed a symptom, along with lefties' rejection of their old guard, as happened in New York.  The lefties who have recognized and tried to stop this decline have been screaming into the wind.

The decline of progressives is still progressing the way lava is through the Hawaiian town of Kapoho.

Now we have leftists turning on each other – not just rejecting establishment leftists at the polls, as the Ocasio victory shows, but now actually yelling at each other.

See this observation by Donald Trump, Jr. on Twitter:

That's right – as they yell "Nazi!" at the rest of us in their vortex of unfixable fury, the rage is splattering out in the other direction, too, and they are now calling each other racists.  Yelling "racists" at Republicans was an old standby for the left, and apparently, they wore it out.  Now they are taking the epithet to one another as the chaos progresses in their party.

The left-wing extremist's victory in the New York primary Tuesday, with all her flippy statements about creating socialist paradise by getting rid of ICE and guaranteeing everyone a job (like socialist Stalin's forced labor camps where everyone had a job, Alexi-o?), not only signals a new era of extremism, which will surely be repudiated by mainstream voters in November, but also calls attention to the Jurassic state of the Democratic Party.  It's rotten.  It's run by gerontocrats.  And it's falling apart – the center cannot hold, the "best" lack all conviction, while the "worst are full of passionate intensity," as William Butler Yeats put it.

Fox News reports that the pressure is on House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer to put some sort of order in their party, while the actual power is slipping from their very grip.  The New York Post is having fun with this meltdown, too.  Bottom line: They run an organization controlled by people redolent of the Old Gray Men of the Kremlin; they rig elections; and the lefties, like anyone, don't like it. 

Now, it seems, Pelosi and Co. know at least a little bit of it, although Ocasio has come out in the last few hours to say the gerontocrats are still in denial.  Pelosi, in that sniffy "crumbs" way she has, dismissed Ocasio's victory with its implicit rejection of her leadership, as "just one district."  She's right, because it is belied by the fact that we are slowly seeing motion from Democrats to reform their own horrible party with the Ocasio victory, with their first painful move in an effort to get rid of superdelegates, who stacked the election so significantly for Hillary Clinton instead of the person the left really wanted, which was socialist Bernie Sanders.  

That's got to be bitter for the gerontocrats.

But either they do that or they sputter away at new claims of racism on each other and eat their own.  If they're dead as a party, as Roger Simon claims, the deterioration should continue.  This could get interesting.

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