Willie Brown warns Dems they may be in for a surprise with Cox

Nobody ever called the sharp, luxury-loving, and canny-as-a-sewer-rat Willie Brown stupid. So it's worth paying attention when the 84-year-old former speaker of the California statehouse, former mayor of San Francisco, and political fixer who "made" his old girlfriend Kamala Harris into a senator warns his fellow Democrats that they may be in for a surprise with John Cox, the Republican who unexpectedly secured a second spot on the gubernatorial ticket for the November midterms, along with former mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom. In cold realist terms, Brown wrote in his San Francisco Chronicle column: Businessman John Cox is not to be underestimated.  Coming out of the gate in the general election campaign, Cox is looking more in tune with many California voters, both in substance and style, than Newsom. Newsom is clearly a celebrity, and he was acting like one during his "Governor Newsom" victory stroll through the Ferry...(Read Full Post)