Watch ICE director school liberal media about 'virtuous' illegal aliens

The PBS NewsHour attempted to ambush outgoing ICE director Thomas Homan, but instead, it inadvertently ended up giving viewers a true understanding of the nature of illegal immigration.

PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff started by playing a camera video of a child crying hysterically while her illegal alien father was being arrested by ICE.  Woodruff said the father was a virtuous illegal alien who "only" had a DUI conviction and asked Homan if his arrest made the country safer.

Homan's answer: "Absolutely."  He went on to tell Woodruff that 10,000 people a year are killed by drunk drivers.  He added, "If the message we want to send to the rest of the world is it's okay to enter this country illegally as long as you successfully hide for ten years, as long as you have a U..S citizen child while you're here illegally, now you're immune from law enforcement, now you're immune from the laws of this country – if that's the message we want to keep sending, we're never going to fix this illegal immigration crisis."

Woodruff attacked again, asking if ICE was creating a "climate of fear" around the country.  Homan reminded Woodruff that America is a sovereign country that has the right to protect its borders.

Woodruff accused Homan of arresting illegal aliens in courthouses.  Homan tossed the question back at her, telling her judges in courthouses have ordered people arrested all the time.  He added that to say a federal law enforcement officer can't arrest a criminal inside a courthouse is ridiculous.

Woodruff then claimed there are "statistics" saying illegal aliens commit crimes at a lower rate than Americans – "statistics" I put right up there with global warming "data" and "studies" that blacks make far better fathers than whites.

Homan replied that he had no knowledge of such "statistics" and that such statistics could never be true, since all illegal aliens have, by definition, committed a crime by entering the country, additionally often illegally using Social Security numbers obtained through identity theft.

Homan added that every crime committed by illegals would have been prevented if they hadn't been allowed into the country.

Homan said individual congressmen ask him not to enforce immigration law against illegals who have "only" entered the country illegally, but he said disregarding the law is not the way a law enforcement agency should operate,  no more than one would ask the FBI or the DEA to ignore arresting a certain class of criminal.

Woodruff then complained about the children of illegals who are separated from their parents.  Homan replied that children are separated every day from their parents in this country when the parents are arrested for committing crimes.

Woodruff, who mostly does softball interviews with identity group representatives (women, blacks, illegal aliens, Muslims, gays, and transvestites), was uncharacteristically aggressive with Homan but ended up inadvertently exposing viewers to a different point of view.

I can only hope President Trump selects a replacement for the retiring Homan who not only enforces the law, but is equally articulate and unapologetic in front of the cameras.

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