Two primaries on Tuesday illustrate why the 'Blue Wave' is far from certain

What a difference a few months can make in politics. At the beginning of the year, the GOP's House and Senate majorities looked shaky.  Democrats were surging across the board.  They had recruited many top-notch candidates.  They had money to burn.  And Donald Trump and the GOP were in free fall in the polls. But to the amazement of some Democratic partisans, all of that has changed for the better.  Trump's approval numbers are better than Obama's at this point of his presidency.  The gap between Democrats and Republicans in the generic polls has narrowed considerably.  GOP fundraising has taken off, and the party has recruited several strong candidates to run in open races. Indeed, the primaries in North Dakota and Nevada on Tuesday illustrate just how far the GOP has come in just a few months. CNN: For months, Nevada and North Dakota were among the biggest headaches facing President...(Read Full Post)