Too brown to win? That's what Democrats actually told one of their own candidates

It's make or break time for the Democrats in California's crowded "jungle primary," with only the top two candidates in June's primary today making it to the ballot in November.

By all accounts, Democrats are running scared.

In the Orange County race to challenge Rep. Dana Rohrabacher for his seat, they've got too many candidates running, and with too much money, so the likely result will be a split of leftists' votes, leaving Democrats with the prospect of two Republicans on the ballot for the November midterms.  That's panic time, all right, at least for them.

Democrats are famous for muscling their own candidates into a single party line.  But who would have guessed they have actually sought to pare down that crowded plate by telling one of their candidates he's too brown to win?

Seriously, that happened.  It's what Democrats reportedly told one of their own candidates, a moderate Reaganite Democrat named Omar Siddiqui, to get him out of there.

Too brown to win?  Omar Siddiqui addresses the locals in the O.C.

According to a buried lede in the Washington Examiner:

Stem cell scientist Hans Keirstead was the Democratic Party's preferred candidate before he wasn't.  Businessman Harley Rouda was a Republican, 20 years ago, before he was a Democrat.  And FBI adviser Omar Siddiqui says party officials told him he was too brown to win in Orange County.

As if they can even do that at this late date, with the ballots printed.

They told him he was too brown!  In a county they have hailed for its Asian-American immigrants, placing their bets that these Asian-Americans (of which Siddiqui is likely one) will put Democrats over the top.

If news of this gets out, it should do wonders for their popularity with this increasingly alienated base of voters, already disgusted by Democrat policies promoting university admission discrimination, sanctuary cities, and dumping the homeless on their doorsteps, as I wrote here yesterday.

Obviously, in their by-any-means-necessary Alinskyite philosophy, Democrats are showing they'll use even racism on their own to do it.  Seriously, too brown?  This isn't the first instance of their using actual appeals to racists to get their way in this race.  According to the accompanying video to the Examiner piece, they've also painted Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell as "China Mitch" based on his wife's Chinese ancestry.

These are repulsive people.

It shows again that Democrats are the party that views color as more important than content of character – and when it's convenient for them, they'll use that in a racist way, telling people to beat it in congressional races because they aren't the right skin color.  Siddiqui was probably an easy target, given his moderate Democratic stances, an unpopular thing among the left-wing crazies in control of that party.  (If he can just bend a few of his ideas on global warming, he'd likely be a fine Republican, actually.  One hopes this experience with his own party, with its Klansman past, as Dinesh D'Souza has so helpfully pointed out in his films, brings him over to the Republicans.)

Democrats are showing some big-time bad-character bigotry in their desperate quest for power.

Republicans should be making a big deal of this as the November midterms approach.

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