Thirty years, and we're still waiting for global warming predictions to come true

It was June 23, 1988 when NASA's Dr. James Hansen testified before Congress about the coming catastrophic warming of the planet.  He gave three different scenarios for the progress of global warming over the next 30 years. Well, it's 30 years on from that testimony.  How did Hansen do? Wall Street Journal: Mr. Hansen's testimony described three possible scenarios for the future of carbon dioxide emissions.  He called Scenario A "business as usual," as it maintained the accelerating emissions growth typical of the 1970s and '80s.  This scenario predicted the earth would warm 1 degree Celsius by 2018.  Scenario B set emissions lower, rising at the same rate today as in 1988.  Mr. Hansen called this outcome the "most plausible," and predicted it would lead to about 0.7 degree of warming by this year.  He added a final projection, Scenario C, which he deemed highly...(Read Full Post)