The worst way to die is to know the day of your death

Charles Krauthammer, the sometimes conservative commentator on Fox, has publicly announced that he is dying and has only a few weeks to live. This is the saddest way to die, to essentially know the day of your death.  People in this position naturally tend to be obsessed with their upcoming deaths.  It's a lousy way to live life.  Krauthammer must wake up every morning knowing he is one day closer to his death. Now look at President Trump.  He's 71 years of age.  Men die in their 70s all the time.  But President Trump surely isn't obsessed with his death.  That's because he has no idea when it will come.  He could die tomorrow, next week, or next month, or he could live until he's 80, or 90, or longer.  When people don't know the date of their death, they can live happier lives.  Since they don't know when they will die, they don't think about it,...(Read Full Post)